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Because self-defense is more than just physical



When we think about self-defense, a lot of us automatically think of physical defenses like blocks and punches. Self-defense is more than that. Self-defense should also include the mental, verbal, and emotional skills that defend someone against all types of aggression.

Most self-defense situations happen as a result of some kind of escalation. SPARK Self-Defense prepares you to de-escalate. We train you to use your voice for defense, listen to your intuition, establish healthy boundaries in your relationships, and understand your surroundings. In our classes and workshops, you will also learn how to recognize and deal with both verbal and mental abuse.

Participants will also discover the power that they possess to defend themselves physically; we will teach awareness, ground fighting, escapes, and proper striking.

SPARK Self-Defense has a great team of partners from different martial arts backgrounds that work together to make self-defense accessible to anyone, no matter how much experience you have. We believe that under the umbrella of self-defense, all martial arts should work together in an effective way to help people be safe.

We also partner with professionals from different backgrounds such as health care, mental health, and other disciplines. We want to provide holistic training to keep everyone mentally, emotionally, and physically safe. We believe self-defense is prevention, training, and treatment.

The SPARK team wants to equip you to stand strong. We want to empower you to make your environment safe and healthy. We are looking forward to training with you, and partnering with you, to prevent violence in our world.​



Alley first became a self-defense instructor after 160 hours of training the with Portland Police. She went on to complete Beaverton Police Citizen’s Academy and the Portland FBI’s Citizen Academy, and became an Ambassador for the FBI. She has volunteered with the TSA on several occasions. 
Alley is currently on faculty at Portland Community College, training SPARK’s Self-Defense curriculum. She also teaches Jiu Jitsu basics to middle school students. Alley has a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu and has competed in regional and international tournaments. She is currently working on becoming a certified instructor with Women Empowered, the Gracie self-defense program for women. 
Alley brings a very holistic approach to each class. She coaches how to develop emotional intelligence, how to understand conflict resolution, and how to defend against verbal, mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Because of her training in Law Enforcement, she brings solid ways to identify pedophiles and predators using techniques of body language and intuition. She also teaches how to use one’s voice assertively to set firm boundaries with strangers and in relationships. Physical training includes self-defense techniques for both standing and ground fighting scenarios. 
As a survivor of emotional abuse, as well as physical and sexual assault, she draws on her firsthand knowledge of violence to empower students to change the outcome of dangerous situations. She teaches empathy and vulnerability as strength techniques to empower all people to discover that they are not victims, but survivors.



Rewarding Results for up to two people



Intensive 4-hour workshops and 6-lesson seminars for groups of 10 and up


Empower and Protect Students


Empower women and build a sense of team to strengthen corporate culture


4 hours of intensive training



Thorough Instruction on Personal Safety over 3 or 6 sessions

One of our greatest needs is to understand and to be understood. In a verbally abusive relationship, the partners' need to understand, and to be understood, is not met. On the other hand, her belief that her mate is rational and that understanding can be reached keeps her in the relationship.

Patricia Evans, from The Verbally Abusive Relationship


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