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Tracy Chapman

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Owner--IMPACT Jiu Jitsu

Gold Medal, 2015 IBJJF Worlds

After years on the spectator side of Jiu Jitsu, Tracy tried her first class in 2006 and was instantly hooked. She loves the physical and mental game; but the resulting fitness, self-defense skills, and friendships she has made make Jiu Jitsu something she plans to do for life. Tracy believes Jiu Jitsu is a great sport for women of all ages. You don’t have to fit the mold to excel. Your game is your own.


Empowering Women to Achieve Sustainable Life

Omega is a non-profit organization providing job skills in customer service, cash handling, barista skills with coffee knowledge, and leadership development. We challenge women to think beyond their past toward a hope-filled future. Omega Espresso Bar allows women to pursue a transitional livelihood or occupation through a Christ-centered approach in an ethical work environment.

Meet founder and dreamer Janna Kainos and hear how her own story has given her incredible courage to fight for women who have bought into the lie that there is no hope. If you’d like to learn more about Omega Espresso Bar, please contact them.

Dip stretch.jpg

Dip Thapa

Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do

Purple Belt, Brazilian J

Dip started his martial arts journey at a very young age. He found Tae Kwon Do after emigrating to the US from Nepal, and spent a decade studying that art. Dip has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Activity/Exercise Science with minors in both Business Administration and Community Health Education. He has added a Purple belt in BJJ to his considerable skills and teaches BJJ and Self-Defense courses at Portland Community College as well as at his home gym, Impact Jiu Jitsu in Beaverton. Though not currently practicing Tae Kwon Do regularly he does continue to work with various fighters at his home gym assisting in technical, tactical and footwork related sessions.

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United in the War against Veteran Suicide

Mission 22 is a non-profit who combats the ever-rising veteran suicide rate. Every day, more than twenty veterans are lost to suicide. Mission 22 wants to bring that number to zero. It does this with three main programs; veteran treatment programs, memorials and national awareness. Mission 22 provides treatment programs to veterans for Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues they might be facing. It organizes events and builds memorials to create social impact and awareness for these issues. Mission 22 also has an Ambassador volunteer program for people to get involved as well. Ambassadors educate the public on veteran issues, help get veterans into Mission 22 treatment programs and create resources in their communities. Through these three programs, it enables a push for the betterment of our nation's heroes and stands united in the war against veteran suicide.

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Jasmin Burgess

M.S., Ed.S., QMHP

LifeWorks NW

Jasmin is an adult outpatient therapist who has been working at LifeWorks NW since August 6, 2018. She is currently working on her licensure to become a licensed professional counselor. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2013 from Georgia Southern University and her master’s and education specialist degrees in 2016 from Florida State University. She has been working in the mental health field since 2010, when she began volunteering with a college student organization called Sexual Assault Student Educators. From there, she volunteered as a sexual assault victim advocate and went on to complete her degree. While at Florida State, she interned at an agency for people with disabilities and a community mental health agency (as a therapist). After completing graduate school, she worked as an in-home therapist providing individual and family therapy to youth. She also has experience working with college students in academic services and admissions, as well as teaching court competency and illness management and recovery at Florida State Hospital.



Owner--Sculpt Yoga

I love the feeling of being centered within myself. Yoga is a part of my daily routine, it cleanses the soul.  When I am grounded and centered, I am able to be present in my everyday life, which allows me to be a better mother, wife, friend, instructor, etc.  When I first envisioned Sculpt Yoga, I knew I needed the right pieces for the puzzle. The universe absolutely provided what I asked for!  The right location, the knowledgeable instructors,  and the open minded students.  I wanted the studio to be a place where  magical  things happen!  People can come together, learn from each other,  practice yoga, sweat hard, and clear the mind.  I am happy to say we have accomplished this together!  

As instructors, we are here to guide you through your practice and  set you up for success.  All you have to commit to, is showing up.  In return, this will help you become a better human being, really, the possibilities of return are endless!   We are so lucky, here at Sculpt, to have the  creme’ de la creme’,  for instructors.  We are truly here to help you be your best.  I challenge you to come take a class at Sculpt Yoga, its like nothing you have ever experienced before. Challenge yourself,  what are you waiting for?

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Synergy Women's Health Care



Synergy Women’s Health Care is a unique, integrative clinic established in November 2011, featuring a collaboration of health care professionals specializing in the care of women. Our goal is to encourage and guide women, assisting in empowering patients to be their own best example of health and wellness.

We offer gynecologic, naturopathic physician services, as well as acupuncture under one roof. This allows for a blended and holistic approach with a full complement of health care services.

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