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Participant Feedback

I attended the ‘inaugural’ Women’s Self-Defense Workshop presented by SPARK Self-Defense on Saturday, September 22, 2018. As a newly divorced, single woman living alone in an apartment complex, I felt that it was time to learn how to defend myself if I were to get into a dangerous situation. I jumped at the chance to attend the 2-hour workshop. Not because I thought I would learn everything there is to know in 2 hours, but because I wanted to find out what self-defense was all about. Of course, there is a physical aspect to self-defense, but what I was not expecting to learn in this workshop was the mindset of empowerment. Alley presented a vast amount of information using her own personal and very private experiences. She was open and empathetic as she shared with the group. As difficult as it was to listen to, I was drawn to her inner strength, determination and passion to help other women. The workshop gave me tools to practice being more aware of my surroundings, understanding my boundaries and having the courage to be more assertive. Tracy Chapman, the owner of IMPACT, gave us an express lesson on how to fall and fight until you can get away. The workshop did exactly what I expected it to do. It made me hungry for more. I want to continue my journey of empowerment and self-defense. I can’t wait for SPARK to schedule another workshop!

Thank you, Alley & Tracy.

Amy Maxwell

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